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VINT Report Things 2

Published by Sogeti
Pages 36
Publication year 2014
Authors Erik van Ommeren, Sander Duivestein, Thomas van Manen
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The Age of Empathic Things
Raport 2 of 4

In this second study on Things, vint explores the coming transition toward a more empathic form of computerization. In the past few years, information technology has become increasingly personal and social, and has made its presence very much felt. The emergence of wearable computing and other forms of empathic “things” seems a logical next step: even more intimate, human-oriented and ubiquitous. There are more and more devices that count our steps, take our blood pressure or measure the indoor temperature, track our location or conversations. We are witnessing a computer boom in devices of all kinds, shapes and sizes – around, on or inside the body – that behave increasingly smarter and link up more and more intuitively with mankind’s extremely personal and natural interface.